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Electrical Technologies     

Electrical and electronics engineering technicians are in demand and among the highest earners for people without college degrees. This 600-hour program offers everything you need to get on the path to a fun and challenging career, including residential and commercial electrical training with an emphasis on understanding NEC regulations and OSHA electrical safety performance standards.

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration     

Our 900-hour program teaches foundational knowledge and skills of how to maintain heating and air conditioning systems through hands-on lab training and hands-on experience. This program qualifies for the Ohio Career-Technical Credit Transfer (CT2) credit at a state college or university when continuing education within two years of program completion.

Plumbing Technologies     

Plumbers enjoy one of the highest salaries for careers that don’t require a college degree, all while working in an exciting variety of homes, businesses, and industries. This 600-hour program delivers plumbing training adhering to International, Uniform and National Standard Plumbing Codes, putting you at the top of your future employer’s list.

Welding Technology     

Welding is more than joining two pieces of metal together; it is considered an art of metal joining. Welding skills will be used to fabricate and repair projects. Our 600-hour program teaches phases of Welding including Flux Core, ARC, MIG and TIG.